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Doing what I love since my 12 years old. Studied in Polytechnic School of University of the Aegean.

Won two best ideas awards and one in robotic school. Working in enterprise environment and contributing in open source community.

This is me, a T-Shaped Software Engineer, ready for the next challenge.

Yannis Alexiou
Athens, Greece

Co-Founder of Swifters

Swifters is a student team, in the University of the Aegean in Greece. This community team is is unique nationwide that helps and guides students in the area of iOS Development and Apple’s technologies.

Through events, workshops and others activities introduce the world of Apple in academic community. Swifters is a registered Apple User Group and members of the team develop applications throughout the Apple University Developer Program.

You may find my posts on Swifters here.

Stack Exchange Contribution

Providing knowledge to Stack Exchange communities is the best way to communicate, share and learn new things in an area of expertise.

These are the principles I represent, so I’m very grateful that the Ask Different Network found my answers so helpful to been at top 8% of the year 2017 and #1 in reputation in Greece by February 2019.


iOS Dev 75%

Node.js 75%

Sencha 75%

React.js 50%


Modules include: Total number of modules 19, Modules included: Business Information Systems, Networking, Electronic transactions, Multimedia Technology, Operation Management, Investment Appraisal, Business Process Optimization, Accounting Decision Making, Financial Accounting, Quality Management, Human Resources Management, Project Management
Relevant Coursework: Mobile Apps Security, Object Oriented Programming (C++, Java, Objective C), iOS Development, Cryptography Web Development, eGoverment, Microsoft Dynamic Nav. Graduate with grade 7.06.


Working as iOS Mobile Software Engineer in Alpha Bank’s mobile banking application “myAlpha Mobile” under Microsoft Hellas project management.
Working on company’s mobile ERP software by providing new solutions and maintaining the existed using Sencha Touch, Cordova, Objective C, Java, iOS and Android Platform. Also experience gained by building Cordova plugins and working with Mobile Printers.
During my military service I have been recruited from Research and Informatics Office Directorate in Hellenic Army General Staff.

The Research and Informatics Office is in charge of data processing/computerization and technical support for the Hellenic Army. My duties was to maintain two web applications.

Designed and implemented web sites using Sencha ExtJS framework with InteliJ IDE to automate processes of company’s cloud ERP product. The implementation was made using MVVM architecture.
Developed and maintained the version 2.0 of the Useum iOS application using Objective-C and Xcode IDE. Focused on front-end development with use of latest Apple’s framework kits.

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myAlpha Mobile

Alpha Bank’s retail mobile banking app

Betano / Stoiximan

Kaizen’s Gaming bet app


SoftOne’s Technologies mobile ERP app

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